Rev. Bob and Dr. Sondra Cave

Pastor Bob and Dr. Sondra came to us from Southern California and have been in Kansas since 1992. He and Sondra have been the Senior Pastors at Faith Chapel since 1996. They also serve as the lead pastors overseeing our Faith Chapel campuses in Louisburg, Gardner, and Pleasanton. They were youth Pastors at FC for four years prior to becoming Senior Pastors. Pastor Bob and Sondra are also co-founders of Family University, which is a non-profit organization providing family-centered educational seminars for the church and community.

Pastor Bob has been in ministry since 1973. Two weeks after graduating High School in Chula Vista California, he became the youth pastor at Tri-Cities Assembly of God in Covina, California. He has also been a youth pastor, in California, at Castle Park Assembly of God, Calvary Temple Assembly of God, and Bethany Church of Alhambra before coming to Faith Chapel.

Pastor Bob has traveled extensively. He has held revivals, camps, conferences, and seminars, and has also directed over twenty mission trips, both at home and abroad. He has a Master of Science degree in Family Therapy and serves the community as a marriage and family therapist.  

His ministry philosophy is that “Ministry flows through relationships.” Pastor Bob is an advocate for the family. He is committed to building strong individuals, who build strong families, who build strong churches, who build strong communities.

His hobbies are Volkswagens, riding his Harley, and hanging out with his amazing grandkids – 6 of them. They proudly raised two children, Bobby and Heather, and have since happily welcomed their spouses, Jaleah and Jeremy, to the family.

Dr. Sondra Cave loves to preach, teach, speak, and encourage others to discover their God-given talents and to become the very best person they can be. She especially enjoys helping others learn more about themselves, who they are, what they love, what they want to do with their life, and how to use their amazing strengths to accomplish these goals.

Sondra was a public school teacher and university professor for many years. She taught middle school and high school in California and Missouri, and taught college students at MidAmerica Nazarene University.  She worked as a consultant for the Gallup organization. And is also the founder and director of SLC Consulting. Her doctorate is in Educational Leadership. 

An avid sports fan – Sondra loves all sports, though she doesn’t really understand soccer and hockey. Sondra’s other hobbies include traveling and spending time with her family. She has been to all 50 states and 26 foreign countries.

Youth Pastor


Brad has been in student ministry since 2005 where his decision to move to Hays, Kansas changed his life for the best. In 2009, Tiffany walked through the doors of the church and, after two years of dragging his feet, they were married in July of 2011. We have 3 amazing children: Ian (2013) who loves all things Royals Baseball, Chiefs football, and Nintendo; Emma (2014) loves gymnastics, basketball, and any kind of adventure you could throw her way; Ailah (2023) who was our blessing and surprise that is currently focused on eating and sleeping! 

In 2016 we walked through the Faith Chapel OP doors broken and hurting. We didn’t make it far because we called the back row, right side “home”! After two years of being loved on and healing, God opened the doors for us to step back into ministry.  

We have the great honor and privilege of loving the middle school and high school students at Faith Chapel OP!

The Baileys are firm believers that there is nothing better than being plugged into their students’ lives! From concerts, sporting events, theatrical productions, school activities, and just finding creative ways to grow together. Their goal is to build a family-like atmosphere in their ministry that challenges their students to dive deeper into their faith and truly make it their own!  

As a family, they would much rather be on the beach soaking in the sun with our feet in the sand, but when we’re not on the beach we love calling Kansas City home! To answer the really important question we prefer Slaps BBQ!

Young Adult Pastor


Originally from Nebraska, we found a family away from home at Faith Chapel, when we moved to Kansas City in 2005 to attend graduate school. Since then, we have added 4 of our favorite humans to our clan (Eston, Paige, Hadlee, and Bennett) and one crazy pup (Fin). Our passion and desire is to share with others the love that God pours out on us each day. And as the Young Adult pastors at the Faith Chapel Overland Park campus, we strive to provide opportunities for the young adults to build a community that is there to support and encourage each other in their growth towards all that God has for them. 

Besides simply spending time with family and friends, some of the things we enjoy are traveling, playing games, and cheering on the Royals. Also, Katie enjoys Marvel and Hallmark movies, loves to bake, and has a budding cinnamon roll business. While I (Dave) enjoy smoking meat, photography, and learning new things.

Children’s Pastor

Megan Huffman

In addition to FCOP’s Children’s Pastor, I am also an early educator. I own 2 early education centers in the metro and have spent my career working with children to grow, heal, and learn. I often joke that I pick on kids for a living and am pretty good at it! Big hugs, encouragement, high fives, tickles, and gentle teasing are staples in my house, my centers, and my ministry. We love to meet kids right where they are and help them see their worth, their potential, and how incredibly loved they are. This is especially true for children who struggle with trauma backgrounds, physical or mental health struggles, emotional dysregulation, or social struggles. My years working in child welfare taught me a lot about what kids with these struggles need to be successful. We always do our very best to balance enforcing expectations with grace and aren’t scared of moments when emotions get bigger than they can regulate on their own. That’s when it’s our job as adults to bring them down to our calm rather than joining them in their dysregulation.

I firmly believe that ALL kids can learn and grow and that every baby step is to be recognized and celebrated! We have to send our kids truthful messages frequently and consistently to battle the lies of the enemy that tell them they are never good enough!!! 

Not only do I love your kids, I also have two beauties of my own, Logan and Brooklyn. And an amazing husband – Allen.

Associate Pastor


Hi! We’re Scott and Michelle Redmon! We’ve been married for 31 years, and we have two beautiful children: Brionna, age 19 and Jaydon, age 12. We’ve been in the ministry for 22 years, first as children’s pastors and now as associate pastors.  We’ve been part of the Faith Chapel family for the past 13 years. We enjoy various hobbies such as singing, playing guitar, and drawing (that’s Michelle), and working on cars and collecting knives (that’s Scott). We both love biking and animals (we live with multiple felines and a poor outnumbered dog). Most importantly, we are passionately in love with Jesus. God has been so good to us, and we are privileged to be able to minister to His people. 

Our Core Values

This three-step process is the vision that God has given us for how a person progresses through the stages of spiritual maturity.  

When someone comes to our church, we want to connect them to God and to other people. That’s the Belong…belonging.

Then, we want to help them grow in God and grow with others. Believe…believing. 

And then, we want to equip them to get off the bench and get into the game by finding a meaningful place of service and ministry. Become…becoming. 



When you come to Faith Chapel and attend our services we want you to feel a sense of belonging. This is your new family. We want you to be here, we are excited that you are here and you are part of us!  As you attend you are already offered the love and acceptance of a family member.



As you continue to fellowship with your new family we want you to become aware of what we believe. We want the Bible to become your life book, your handbook on how to live life on earth. We desire you to become a student of the Word. We also want you to know what we believe as a church and who we are affiliated with relationally. Our hope is that you will be a lifelong learner.



As you become a part of the family through belonging and have an understanding of God’s Word through believing, the next step is to allow God to help you become who He created you to be, a disciple of Jesus Christ, a Christ-follower and a life changer. We want you to learn how you can use the strengths that God has gifted you with and use them to win others to Christ. To fulfill the dreams God has placed in your life.

16 Fundamental Truths

  1. The Scriptures Inspired
  2. The One True God
  3. The Deity of the Lord Jesus Christ
  4. The Fall of Man
  5. The Salvation of Man
  6. The Ordinances of the Church
  7. The Baptism in the Holy Spirit
  8. The Initial Evidence of the Baptism
    in the Holy Spirit
  1. Sanctification
  2. The Church and Its Mission
  3. The Ministry
  4. Divine Healing
  5. The Blessed Hope
  6. The Millenial Reign of Christ
  7. The Final Judgment
  8. The New Heavens and the
    New Earth