October… fall… the heat of summer dissipates; the cool breeze of fall begins to lift our    spirits.  We enjoy football, cooler days, the changing of the leaves, harvest  parties…      holidays are  beginning to peek out from our calendar. At Faith Chapel, October is our annual  emphasis on  Missions with our convention the last weekend. And this is always a great reminder of how we can support our missionaries faithfully – both home and abroad – through our prayers and finances.

This month, in addition to the transition from summer into autumn, and our missions convention, we are     CELEBRATING the harvest of faithful people who had a vision to plant Faith Chapel in [then] Stanley / [now] Overland Park. On October 7th, 1973 – Faith Chapel Charismatic Church held its first official service in the basement of the Pizza Pub with 11 people in attendance.

We have been preparing for the 50th anniversary weekend – October 7-8, 2023 – and reflecting on the vision of one faithful individual who was obedient to the voice of God, who pursued what he believed God had birthed in his heart, which ultimately came to fruition. This         celebration weekend will be a time of remembering the past and all that God has done. How he gave the vision, provided the space and the finances, brought people alongside, and has continued to provide vision and      direction from generation to generation.

Not only do we reflect and remember the past, but it also reminds us not to take for granted what is happening in the present… to rejoice in it, to give praise to the Lord for His provision and  continued vision and direction, and to recognize that those who began Faith Chapel then are part of the present harvest today.

Likewise, our faithfulness and commitment in the present will reach into the future and       become part of the past during the next 50 years! Which requires us to continue doing all that is in our heart to do, and all that God speaks to us.

We are very excited to “welcome home” all the former pastors, and their families, as well as many friends who invested their time, energy, and finances into Faith Chapel over the years. Because of their faith commitment…then… we are now one church, in FOUR locations. The   story of Faith Chapel is a progressive movement of God – and YOU are part of continuing the  story!

Thank you for coming alongside, and investing in the present, for the future!


We love you!

Pastors Bob and Sondra